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Keheala’s demonstrated digital intervention addresses underlying drivers of medical adherence rates -- stigma, access to information, motivation and support – with powerful strategies from behavioral economics and accessible feature phones.


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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Keheala is currently scaling to Kenya's hardest to reach and most heavily burdened TB-regions to 'pressure test' our intervention.
Registered in Kenyain Kenya

Focus Areas:

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Innovation Description

Kehealais a mobile health platform that delivers behavioral interventions across basic feature phones and smartphones in order to improve healthcare access and treatment outcomes for patients in the developing world. Keheala addresses the non-medical drivers of disease - stigma, a lack of information, motivation and support - with demonstrated behavioral strategies from the social sciences (behavioral economics and psychology).

In 2016, in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Kenyan Ministry of Health and academic partners at Harvard and Yale, Keheala implemented a 1200 tuberculosis patient randomized controlled trial in Kenya. Patients using the Keheala intervention demonstrated a two-thirds reduction in the unsuccessful treatment outcomes - death, failed treatment and loss to follow up - compared to the standard of care control group. The company is now scaling its work in Kenya, launching a new intervention in Zimbabwe and seeking partners to scale their current intervention or modify it for other use-cases such as HIV, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Competitive Advantage

Kehealarepresents a breakthrough in improving patient adherence because it goes beyond a daily reminder: it bolsters the social support network for vulnerable patients, improving quality of life while curing disease. With Keheala, patients and clinicians have the tools they need to overcome the social drivers of non-adherence. Compared to the status quo in TB treatment and the WHO’s desired protocol, DOTS, Keheala represents a scalable, cost-effective solution, which saves money while saving lives.

Without a need to preload the platform to a device, compatibility with 99% of all mobile devices and eight out of ten individuals in Africa already owning a mobile phone, Keheala can quickly be accessed from a mobile phone anywhere, today. The social science principles used are universal and designed to cut across cultures. The robust, yet, flexibletechnology used is ideal for scaling across markets and keeping the solution cost-effective.

Planned Goals and Milestones

As the first compliance technology to address the social factors at the root of Tuberculosis epidemiology, Keheala offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve treatment rates and thus decrease morbidity, mortality, transmission, and MDR-TB. Keheala has the potential to revise what we consider acceptable success rates in Tuberculosis treatment, and it epitomizes the ideal public health intervention, so rarely realized: improved health outcomes with reduced costs.
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted100,000
New Implemented CountriesKenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa
RecruitBoard, Advisors, Business Development and Technological Employees
New FeatureModify our adherence tool for other use-cases such as HIV, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Dec 2019
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