Updated May 24, 2019

Liquid Earth-River Flood Inundation Forecasting

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Liquid Earth-River Flood Inundation Forecasting

Faisal Hossain

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

It should be noted that Liquid Earth‐River recently won the 4th Prize at the GEO APPATHON (with participation by NASA‐USAID program called SERVIR).
Smartphone based 2-D flood inundation forecast that provides more actionable information than the current approach for stakeholders like farmers in Bangladesh.

Registered in Bangladesh.

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Innovation Description

The University of Washington’s Liquid Earth-River innovation delivers information about surface water that is relevant to farmers.With DIV Stage 2 funding, the University of Washington is testing Liquid Earth with hundreds of farmers and implementing a dissemination planabout Liquid Earth's effectiveness.
How does your innovation work?
Platform called "Liquid Earth‐River" for knowledge‐based flood inundation forecast along the banks of the Ganges and Brahmaputra river for farmers. Farmers of Bangladesh need forecast of Monsoonal floods that inundate half the country at least 8 days earlier to decide on early harvest or to delay sowing, as well as to protect existing harvest at a higher location. Currently the Bangladesh Government forecasts floods up to 3‐5 days, but longer forecasts can help farmers make better decision on early harvest or delayed sowing and even on disaster management. However, the traditional style of flood warning is usually a numeric value (such as X meters below or above danger level). What empowers users is the conversion of the numerical metric to a contextual knowledge that answers questions like "will the road I have to carry my produce get under water?" or "will my house/barn get wet?" Thus, what users, and farmers in particular, need as a game changer in their lives is highly geospatial, intuitive and contextual rendition of the numeric flood forecast. An 8 day forecast has already been made technologically feasible by the PI for Bangladesh Government via SERVIR program (a NASA‐USAID program). We plan to identify the feasibility of Liquid Earth-River, user demand and willingness to subscribe to such a service.

Planned Goals and Milestones

​From numbers, we are trying to be more intuitive visually with flood inundation (like Google Earth) to help users make decisions for themselves. We are using the wonders of information technology, satellites, free data, computing and affordable mobile devices to empower users and help them be control of their destiny when there is a flood event happening.
To explore technical feasility of Liquid earth. To identify the social business model required to move to phase 2 if there is adequate user demand.


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