Updated Sep 24, 2019

Standard Microgrid

Creating a franchise business for microgrids


Brian Somers

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Although many technologies exist that attempt to bring widespread access to electricity to sub-Saharan Africa, most have not scaled because of the prohibitive cost to produce, sell, and maintain them, combined with low quality and technical limitations.



Standard Microgrid addresses many of these issues; it reduces costs, takes advantage of economies of scale, standardizes production and operations, and facilitates the addition of grids as demand increases to provide sufficient clean energy for a wide range of household and commercial uses.

Innovation Description

Standard Microgrid realizes that one company alone cannot carry the financial and operational burden of providing access to reliable and affordable energy solutions in rural Africa. To address this critical development problem, Standard Microgrid is developing a fully integrated system that would allow local construction/engineering firms to construct and operate microgrids as a franchisee through standardized system design, site assessment, and community engagement. With DIV support, Standard Microgrid will develop standard operating procedures for construction and grid management, customer engagement, and software/hardware enhancements to support the franchise business model. In addition, what sets Standard Microgrid apart is its proprietary PowerTimeTM pricing model that allows granular and flexible pricing structure for the end customers to pay for the exact amount of energy consumed, by the number/types of devices at off-peak or peak hours, measured at the centa-amp level.


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