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Papyrus SA is a private, majority woman-owned, for-profit, limited liability management company, registered in Haiti since 2007, with two generations of development experience and a mission to link local and international aspirations. Decisions are made in country, meaning that they are locally informed, fully cognizant of the Haitian context, and sound, thereby ensuring that projects move forward quickly, efficiently, and with lasting results. The company’s management teams operate several high-value and high-visibility projects for the private and donor sectors in Haiti. In addition, Papyrus has substantive experience providing surveys and market research, expertise in financial and administrative analysis of both for-profit and non-profit entities, a practiced hand in managing donor funds and local development activities, and a broad network of key informants and clients across numerous sectors. Its leadership and highly seasoned staff can provide a good overview of Haiti and a clear understanding of what will work.



Papyrus has well-qualified core administrative and finance staff. With oversight from the Administration and Finance Director, a centralized accounting team ensures financial management of the firm and its projects. Papyrus uses top of the line accounting and administration systems and procedures that are constantly being strengthened, and can adhere to its clients’ specialized financial, personnel, and procurement procedures when required. Papyrus is currently managing bilateral- and multilateral-funded projects. The firm has been undergoing independent annual audits for many years.

Papyrus can rapidly start up project implementation upon award. Its board, principals, and core team are all located in Haiti, so timely decisions can be made and all fiscal, legal and regulatory systems are already in place.



Papyrus principals are invested in Haiti, where they have lived and conducted business over the past 35+ years. Papyrus maintains excellent relationships with clients and specializes in managing complex partnerships in Haiti’s sometimes difficult-to-predict and often rapidly-changing environment. Papyrus has many long-standing contracts with its clients and maintains excellent relationships with banking institutions, auditing firms, insurance companies, local manufacturers and suppliers, and other key private sector stakeholders.



Following the best practices it has observed and studied, Papyrus has developed effective staff management policies. Papyrus provides competent local and international technicians with excellent training and a strong set of operational procedures to guide their everyday work. Senior Management oversight encompasses consistent mentoring and supervision sessions and approval of all outgoing official documents. Papyrus believes in and invests in staff training at all levels. It pays employees’ fees for professional affiliation and regularly engages professional consultants to upgrade staff and company systems. Allied with this, the firm has a deep-seated ethics praxis and consequently neither attracts nor tolerates employees who do not apply its principles in their professional lives.
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